Abigail was forced to marry a man she did not love. Though her husband was easy on the eye, rich and prosperous he was a swine, crude mean and physically abusive. Being the submissive and  devoted wife she was raised to be Abigail hides the shame, hurt and embarrassment she often felt by the wrath of her husband Nabal and prays daily for God to rescue her from his cruel hands.

After the hand of God strikes Nabal dead because of his vicious ways Abigail begins to believe in true love again when she meets and quickly marries King David. Abigail’s new life was very simple, enjoyable and full of love until she realizes that her beloved husband, King David goes against God and marries other women from different tribes. Abigail becomes jealous and refuses to share David’s love and time with his other wives. She starts to regret marrying David and doubts his love for her and often thinks of returning home with her children to live with her father and sister-in-law, a much happier and uncomplicated life.

Review by Simone Da Costa

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