Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret


Judy Blume, the sensational writer of popular children and young adult books. In her classic book, “Are you the God? It’s me Margaret,” Judy made it hard for me to forget her first written book and my first great read back in Junior high school. You see, the character Margaret is a reflection of many young adults going through puberty like I was and asked all the right questions as such. Because of that I smile every time I reminisce about, “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.

In Judy’s book, the main character, Margaret Simon, almost twelve moved from New York to the Suburbs. Although she is the child of a Christian mother and a Jewish father, Margaret grew up without a religious affiliation and was curious to know who is God.  In looking for direction in choosing a religion and searching for God Margaret develops a relationship with Him. In building a relationship with Him Margaret finds herself most comfortable talking with Him about how she feels and expresses her thoughts to Him about religion, school, cute boys and puberty, as she finds it very hard to adjust to the problems of becoming a teenager.

 This book is one of my all time favorites in that, Judy talks about the normal teenage issues with humor in her delivery. For example, when Margaret joins a secret girls club where they talk about cute boys, measuring their breast sizes, bra cup sizes and getting their periods.  Margaret’s character is very realistic and completely relatable to young female teens that may be confused about their body changes/womanhood and Judy makes no apologies for questioning those teenage worries.

At the time I read this book, I was also twelve, yeah, I know a very long time ago and it has still made an impression on me to this day. I found Judy’s book quite interesting as there were not many books during those years that had a character talking about puberty, boys and periods, so you could imagine how intrigued I was and I still am by miss Judy’s classic read.

Review by Simone Da Costa

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