God Don't Like Ugly


God Don’t like Ugly, Mary Monroe’s unforgettable second novel.  The story takes place in the south in 1950s a time that breathe the ugliness of racism. Annette Goode, the thirteen year old heroine of Monroe’s poignant book. Annette is an innocent, well mannered and overweight young girl who was secretly raped since the age of seven by Mr. Boatright, a boarder who rented a room in her mother’s home and whom Annette also calls her daddy due to being abandoned by her father.

For many years Annette kept silent and hides her pain by indulging in food. Until 1963, the year she meets the beautiful green eyed Rhoda Goode. After years of suffering and attacks from Mr. Boatright, Rhoda gives Annette the courage to end her abuse once and for all.

Review by Simone Da Costa

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  • Oshae


    12 May 2012 at 03:15 |
    God Don't Like Ugly in my opinion was a pretty good book. It follows the life of Annette Good growing up in the 1950s and onwards. She goes through very traumatic experiences early on in life and the story goes on about how she deals with the pain. I believe I found the book fascinating because I could not relate to most of the things that Annette went through so it was interesting to try and picture yourself in her shoes.

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