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Marketing as a Business System: A Guide to a Thorough, Integrated Marketing Function for Your Business

Title: Marketing as a Business System: A Guide to a Thorough, Integrated Marketing Function for Your  Business
Author: Neil Kokemuller
Genre: Business

Marketing is the key factor to attracting & retaining customers, the bottom line (meeting customer’s needs) for any business. Key employees play a very vital role in in company strategy (mission statement, promotion, advertising, media section, sales promotion, public relations). Marketers (highly creative campaign developer, extremely analytical customer data gathering & number cruncher’s) goals are to develop/implement promotional materials to sell the company’s products and/or services (research/development). Weighing the +, - are vitally important.

Surveys & focus groups (segmenting, targeting, positioning, S-T-P) are used quite frequently.

Technology is a key factor. Customer relationship management (CRM) is still used.

Business management was my undergrad. My son (supervisor in flood claims) & son-in-law (is in marketing for Hill’s dog food) both have their MBA’s. My BFM & several of his brothers & the only sister are ISU graduates. Go Hawkeyes.

Cool book cover, font & writing style. A great business oriented well written book (short story) Easy to read/follow, never a dull moment. No grammar errors, or out of line sequence sentences. Could be the makings of a PP presentation. Very easy for me to give this book (short story) 5 stars.

- Reviewed by Tony Parsons MSW

Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship

Title: Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Publisher: BCherry Books Publishing (December 19, 2013)
Genre: Romance

I'm always disappointed when the day after Christmas comes, and the Holly-Jolly cheer is technically gone... But this year, I had a wonderful little novella to keep the spirit alive, at least for one more day, if not for longer. I got to read Brittainy C. Cherry's Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship.

Kayden is tired of being demeaned and belittled by his family for not having a steady career and for becoming an amateur actor. Jules is just about to quit dating, period, when her boyfriend breaks up with her and she has to go spend Christmas with her family...and her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and fathered a child with her own sister. Jules needs a fake boyfriend for the holidays, and Kayden needs an acting job with good pay... Here starts their Totally Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship.

As soon as I started this novella, I knew that I was going to rate it five stars, and that it would quickly become a favorite story of mine. Brittainy C. Cherry's characters deliver phenomenal humor and comedic timing, they're incredibly normal and in absolutely no way pretentious (even the characters that were unlikable, were likable in my opinion!), and their relationship is beyond heartwarming.

Reason 4,923 why I love this book is because of the side-clutching, knee slapping, close to wetting my pants humor. Some of the scenes in this novella had me laughing so hard, I had to read them out loud so that my friends and family would understand why I was in hysterics.

Brittainy C. Cherry's work is positively magnificent. I consider myself incredibly lucky that I was able to get my hands on an ARC (Advance Reader's Copy), and meet the author this holiday season.

I will suggest this book to friends, family, Christmastime lovers, perfect strangers, book lovers...I will recommend, suggest and send this book to anyone and everyone! I, The Literary Connoisseur, LOVED Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship.

- Reviewed by Rebecca T.

A Home for Christmas

Title: A Home for Christmas
Author: Ann Vaughn
Publisher: Ann Vaughn (November 27, 2013)

A Home for Christmas begins when a couple of punks try to steal Jenna Blackwell's purse on Black Friday. Jenna hasn't had the best luck in her life... Falling for Wade Blackwell was not the best decision she's ever made, though she wouldn't trade her son, Cameron, for anything in the world. But something magical happens this holiday season when Jenna's stolen purse is retrieved by ex Navy SEAL and SWAT team volunteer, Riley Stanton.
It all starts with a Black Friday crime, a hunky hero, and an invitation to breakfast. Here begins the Texas-themed Christmas story of Jenna and Riley.

This book was just too sweet! A Home for Christmas has enough of a lovely balance of humor, romance, and depth to make a reader beyond content. One of my pet peeves with reading is the writing of child characters, especially overly cutesy ones. But in Ann Vaughn's story, Cameron, Jenna's ten year-old son, is an absolute joy, Jenna is a darling, Riley is...well, hunky beyond words, and Wade (Jenna's not-so nice ex-husband...) even becomes likable and sympathetic towards the end. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Vaughn's story, and I look forward to reading more of her work.

What I really like about this book is how there is a romantic relationship between two of the characters that doesn't go overboard. There are no drawn out romance scenes, no childish games being played between the couple, and the story is topped off with a lovely ending and no ill feelings.

A Home for Christmas is a perfect little holiday read! If you're looking for a Christmas story with depth, Holly-Jolly cheer, a sweet romance, and is just short and sweet enough to give you the perfect amount of time to decorate the Christmas tree, this is your book!

- Reviewer by Rebecca T

Mama Ruby

Title: Mama Ruby
Author: Mary Monroe
Publisher: Kensington Books; Original edition (January 31, 2012)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780758238610

Dolores Reese spent her childhood in foster care, like Floyd Watson, a local boy who intrigues her from the moment they meet. When one bad decision sends an innocent Floyd to prison for life, Dolores promises to stick by him. But while Floyd’s world stands still, Dolores’s horizons open up in exciting new ways. Paul Dunne is an accomplished businessman who promises her the kind of future she’s always wanted—the kind she once imagined having with Floyd. But when Floyd is suddenly freed on new evidence, Dolores is torn and must make a fateful decision. And if she isn’t careful, Dolores just might find out whathappens when love, dishonesty, and dangerous jealousy collide.

-Description by Amazon

Lies to Die for (Max Larkin Detective Series) (Volume 2)

Title: Lies to Die for (Max Larkin Detective Series) (Volume 2)
Author: Todd M. Theide
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 4, 2013)
ISBN:13: 978-1492166474
Genre: action, crime, thriller, serial killers, murder


An excellent crime thriller.

Detective Max Larkin has just returned to work in the Rockton Police Department after being suspended for withholding information, following his solving of the ‘Time Killer’ murders with his partner Jesse.

Straight away, Captain Perry has another case for the partners to solve. Professor Lawrence Finestein has been found dead, under unusual circumstances. As the detectives’ try to discover a motive, who was responsible, and what made the killer brand his victim, the need for answers becomes more urgent as other victims start to appear, each with the same calling card.

Unfortunately, Max and Jesse just do not seem to be able to agree when the killer is caught and soon a rift appears, one which must be healed for the sake of everybody. As the tension mounts, new discoveries are made and it’s time for Max and Jesse put their differences aside and work together.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fast moving crime thriller. Right from page one it is action packed, with plenty of twists and turns, and a storyline, which keeps the reader guessing, right until the end.

An excellent second story in the Max Larkin Detective series, I look forward to reading more.

- Review by Susan Keefe

The Treebobs and Air Rena

Title: The Treebobs and Air Rena
Author: Declan Harney
Publisher: Tales 4 All Limited
Language: English

One day, the peacefulness of the Enchanted Forest is destroyed by a loud voice from above.

“Good morning,” Rotten Rena cackles from her enormous airship, I’m starting an airship passenger service between the Enchanted Forest and the Dark Wood she announces proudly.

Her airship is so noisy and her plans so damaging to the forest, that the fairies and Treebobs decide they have to do something.

They call a meeting and after Bindweed Belle has explained how an airship works, Treebob, Brenda Breezewater has an idea...

Being evil, and upsetting those around you might seem fun at the time but Rotten Rena’s bad deeds and mischievous ways are about to backfire on her.

Will the Treebobs and fairies succeed?

To find out you must read the book!

Within the story lies an important message for children, which is that thoughtfulness, teamwork and respect for others, conquer over being selfish and inconsiderate.

Another captivating Treebob adventure, which is beautifully illustrated.

-Review by Susan Keefe

I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl! (The I'm A Girl Collection)

Title: I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl! (The I'm A Girl Collection)
Author: Betty K. Bynum
Genre: Children's Book
Print Length: 36 pages
Format: Kindle/Hardcover

The I'M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!" book follows the character "Mia" as she wakes up to see her disheveled hair "just-a going every which-a ways!", but instead of feeling like it is a bad thing, she looks at just the way she is and states, "I''m a Pretty Little Black Girl!" She tells of friends of all shades of brown and different hair textures who she celebrates as other pretty little black girls who share "love" and "good manners" with each other -- and who are fun and polite, and are destined for a future filled with accomplishments of "brilliance"!!!

- Description: Amazon

Life-ology 101: If All Else Fails, Smile

Title: Life-ology 101: If All Else Fails, Smile
By: Michael Soward
Publisher: XLIBRIS
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1483695099
Pages: 60

This story begins in Arkansas with the nine-year-old Michael, and his younger brother, abandoned by their father, living with their strict grandmother who regularly beats them. The family attend church regularly, he discovers at a young age, he has a gift for playing the organ and it is the beginning of a lifelong love of music.

In 1969,after working hard in the cotton fields, at eighteen he finally ‘escapes’ to live with relatives in Kansas City. Moving to the big city has a profound effect on the young man from the Deep South, especially at such a time of change, the age of drugs, sex and rock and roll had definitely arrived.

The story, which follows, is of one man’s journey, his marriage, fatherhood, hopes, dreams and foibles’. It is frank and honest, brutally so sometimes. He openly talks about his relationship with his father, the driving forces in his life and the leaps of faith, which have made him into the man he is today. Throughout, this book runs a vein of the author’s deep religious belief and his faith in God, the importance of his church and love of music, which has sustained him through times of deep despair.

I have always loved reading memoirs, catching a glimpse into peoples’ lives and discovering the experiences, which have made them the person they are today. This is a very honestly written book, interesting and thought provoking, the journey of a young boy from the Deep South who ends up a father and grandfather living in New York, and all the bits in-between.

-Reviewed by Susan Keefe

The Dragon Sisters (The Dragon Sisters Trilogy)

Title: The Dragon Sisters
Author: Virginia Fox
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Dragonbooks; 1 edition (October 21, 2013)
Pages: 362
Format: Paperback & Kindle
ISBN#: 9783952422106

Kaja doesn't like change in her life. And why should she? Everything seems to be quite nice and settled: she is living in a cosy flat in the centre of Zurich, together with her faithful dog Zorro. She has a successful career as a computer programmer and a casual relationship with a charming work colleague. Surely, it couldn't get any better. - But then her whole life comes crashing down: her lover turns out to be a cheat, her professional reputation is in tatters and to cap it all, she starts seeing a shiny blue creature called Lance who does his very best to get on her nerves.

Has it all been too much for her recently? Is she hallucinating? Or is she the only girl in the world with a personal dragon at her service?

Virginia Fox's debut novel tells the story of a young woman, her journey from just living to finding a purpose in life, all told in a light-hearted, humorous style. You will laugh and cry with her and you will be genuinely happy for her in the end. - Only it won't be the end. It will be the beginning of new adventures, because this is only part one of the author's trilogy.

Lead! They will follow you as you follow Jesus

Title: Lead! They will follow you as you follow Jesus
Author: Stephen Owens
Genre: Christianity/Spiritual
Publisher: Alpha Lending & Investments, LLC (October 27, 2013)
Pages: 57
Format: Kindle
ISBN: 9780982462232

Those who are serious about bringing others in their congregations   to Christ, and indeed anyone interested in evangelizing in their own neighborhoods, would do well to pick up this little book. I've read it twice, and each time I have taken away new inspiration. Mr. Owens has written a brilliant book, showing the disciplines that he believes makes good leaders, and threading each step to St. Paul's own evangelism journey. The ties do bind, and time does not change what makes a good evangelist. Mr. Owens proves this in just a few pages--what moved the apostles and evangelists in the years after Jesus' death should still move today's leaders. And this book shows just how that should happen. Wonderful book--I hope pastors and ministers everywhere get their hands on it.


- Review by K. Ree

The Past Hunter

Title: The Past Hunter
Author: Ruthie Madison
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Createspace (November 5, 2012)
Pages: 127
Format: Kindle and Paperback
ISBN: 9781480239593

The Past Hunter was a hard book to put down! It kept me interested from beginning to end, the story line was not the type you see much these days. It wasn't full of things that makes it a trashy romance novel. The Past Hunter shows that everyone deserves a second chance and that you cannot assume that wh

at you think happened actually happened the way your mind believes. It goes on to prove that with enough faith anything is possible! I cannot wait to read more! cannot wait to read more


Facing Demons

Title: Facing Demons
Author:  Marion Brownlie
Genre: Autobiography
Publisher: Aurora House (July 2, 2013)
Format: Kindle and Paperback
Pages: 290
ISBN: 9780987304070

Facing Demons is a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. It tells of one woman’s struggle against being controlled, mentally abused, how she dealt with it and how she overcame it. It is also a story of growth and enlightenment.

During her childhood  years, Marion is all but ignored by her father, when all she wants are kind words and hugs. Her school years were traumatic with dyslexia, until it was diagnosed in her teens.

As she grows and matures, she find she has chosen the same type of men to partner her and each relationship ends up the same – controlling and sapping her energy and spirit. Until the last one.

Along the way, Marion discovers and develops her healing gifts, and builds a successful healing business, runs a cafe, and take a life-enlightening journey of self-discovery through Nepal. For this she thanks her last relationship. She loses her eyesight and has to look inward for the reasons. With that, and the help a Chinese herbal/medical doctor, she restores her sight.   

Marion’s healing work takes her places some have yet to discover – and some already have.

WOW! This  is one powerful book. The journey Marion set herself is as enlightening as it is powerful. Her writing describes in detail her experiences, up and downs, relationships, self-discovery and healing powers. The self-discoveries and connection to the higher realms came as a surprise after the torrid childhood beginning. This book is full of surprises.

Her work, or gift, of being able to heal people by removing unwanted energies, and how gently it is achieved is awe inspiring. The way in which she handles both sides, the person and the unwanted energy, is professional and gentle. Eventually, it comes to a time when she has to discover why she is going blind, and heal herself. She does.

Anyone who reads this book cannot come away untouched. It stirs something deep within, and makes you question your very existence. It makes you question and challenge yourself – Where did I come from? Why do I put up with abuse? How can I change and heal myself? What am I here for? It gives a sense of direction on how to change your life.

This book is much more than just an autobiography, it is a powerful book for women, men, and even young adults to read. It can set in motion the emotions and thoughts of change. Of strength. Of courage. And most of all, of Love.

It also reinforces the much aligned thought – we are not alone. The veil between here and the spiritual world is thin. If we want and need help, we just have to ask. It will be there. We still have to be wise enough to recognise the help when we receive it – not all help comes in the form we expect and is often quirky, challenging, but never more than we can truly handle.

I highly recommend reading this woman’s incredible journey. You will never be the same.

-Review by

Little Grey and the Great Mystery

Title: Little Grey and the Great Mystery
Author: Rachel Rivett
Genre: Children's Book
Publisher: Lion Children
Formats: Kindle Edition & Paperback
Pages: 32

Little Grey wants to know about the Great Mystery at the heart of  everything. Grandmother sends Little Grey out into the woodland world to ask the birds and the trees, the stream and the moon - and finally, his own heart. On one level a sweet and simple story of a woodland animal, yet conveying a message of delight in the world around, and the love, inspiration and wisdom that surrounds us.

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Schlenther, Editor, English children's books for, The Welsh Books Council's website.

Dark Sentinels

Novella:  Torin                       
Series:  Dark Sentinels – Book 2
Author:   Dariel Raye
Publisher:  Dariel Raye
Genre:  Paranormal/ Romance
Rating:  Adult

Stephanie Bates is a real estate lawyer. When Torin DuMont enters her office for an appointment, Stephanie’s life will never be the same.  In spite of the fact that Steph’s office called to cancel the appointment, he insisted on waiting until she would see him.  When she finally saw him all she did was throw him out.  Not one to take no as an answer, he waits outside her office for her, only to see her being assaulted by three men.  The minute he saves her, he realizes that this human has somehow gotten his defenses down and he is attracted to her.

Torin is a werewolf and an alpha sentinel. The only alpha sentinel to be with a human is Sable, and his woman Akila. What chance is there for him to have a relationship with a human, especially one that has no idea what he really is?  He needs Steph to protect the Wild Lands making it a federal preserve and sanctuary, but he can’t get over his need to help her.  When her apartment is broken into, he takes her to his home.  What does she know that is causing people to want to harm her?

Stephanie moved to Florida after she found her father dead.  For the first time since that happened, she feels safe with someone. Torin is that someone.  She realizes that even though there is so much about Torin she doesn’t know, she has fallen in love with him. Does he feel the same?

In this book we are also brought up to date on what happened with Sable and Akila.  Their relationship is a long distance one, and she wants more, but will Sable see it her way.  She wants marriage and a life with him but will his pack accept her?  He has finally agreed to take her to his home and introduce her to everyone in the pack. Has she finally gotten what she has always wanted?

Of course, in addition to the romance between the sentinels and their women is the ever present feeling of doom.  The sadistic Mr. Moore is still capturing wolves and using them for his evil purposes.  Torin’s wolves have gone missing, and Sable has come to help in any way he can, but will it be enough?

This was every bit as wonderful as the first, romance, sex and the constant presence of evil.  Will Torin and Steph find what Akila and Sable have?  Is there hope of a mating between a sentinel and a human? Are they compatible enough to have children together?  Well, I can’t wait for the next book so I can get some more answers and meet another hunky alpha and another amazing potential mate.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Luna Raccoon

Title: Luna Raccoon            
Author: David Wilson Availability: download on your iPad with iBooks or   on your computer with iTunes

Luna Raccoon is a playful, positive story for the young and young at heart about three friends, Luna Raccoon, Atticus Rabbit (Atty), and Mouse. Through the silliness of young friends and the excitement of a little adventure, “Luna Raccoon” reinforces the valuable human qualities of friendship and trust, belief in oneself, creativity, and imagination.

Luna Raccoon comes alive with the beautiful watercolor illustrations of Christiane Gozashti and Ray Porter's brilliant narration, with unique characterizations for each the story's three friends.

"Luna Raccoon is a heartwarming story of three friends who help one another through things that seem big to a child and unnoticeable to an adult. Though these characters are all very different, they all worry and wonder about things a young child worries and wonders about. Their friendship is the kind of homey, down-to-earth friendship we all depend on. Together, they experience each other’s hopes and dreams and solve problems along the way. My three and six year olds have listened to this story over and over and experience something new each time. Luna Raccoon will make big people remember their childhoods and leave little people wanting to learn more about their good friends, Luna, Atty and Mouse.” 

-- Reviewed by Kylah Rush, 6th Grade Teacher