Darwin's Paradox

Title: Darwin's Paradox
Author:  Nina Munteanu
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press (Oct. 30 2007)
Genre: Sciene Fiction
ISBN: 978-1896944685
Pages: 320

Darwin's Paradox is rich with real science and people who care about each other, whether in a good way or a bad one. Lovers of techno-thrillers will enjoy the blend of super AIs and biological AIs bent on meddling with mankind. At the same time, Darwin's Paradox injects hope into a post holocaust type of setting threatened with a typically SF scenario of doom. Munteanu writes with energy and a lively sense of joy in her work. Her main character, Julie, possesses the superpowers of an info-age homo superior: she can communicate pseudo-telepathically with others like herself and with AIs. In addition to her mental gifts she is also physically superior. What's unusual about her as a homo superior heroine is her role as the unwitting vector of the plague that decimated her people. While Julie contends with the twists and turns of the plot, she is simultaneously threatened by the risk of losing her husband and daughter, both literally and emotionally. The challenges she navigates are personal, throughout, in parallel with the fast-paced action.

Reviewed by Lynda Williams, author of Okal Rel series

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