Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm

Title: Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm
Author: Simone Da Costa
Publisher: Da Costa's Empire Publishing
Genre: Children
Pages: 36
Format: Softcover

“Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm” is a delightful story about a little girl’s day visiting her grandmother on the farm. In her exciting adventure Emily-Rose learns from Grammy not just about the farm, but about a grandmother’s wisdom and love.

Emily-Rose had always wanted to feed her grandmother’s farm animals by herself, but Grammy had forever cautioned her that they were too rambunctious. In this story, Emily-Rose gets her wish, but she soon finds out that Grammy was right -- and also exactly what rambunctious means!

Grammy takes her to feed the chickens, the pigs, the horse, and the ducks, and then to milk the cow. Emily-Rose learns something new about each animal they visit from her grandmother’s kindly advice and explanations as she is pecked by chickens, chased by ducks, slopped by pigs and in other ways finds out just how rambunctious and unpredictable farm animals can be. Through it all is the calming, guiding wisdom of her grandmother’s loving advice and soothing words.

“Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm” is not just about a fun day at Grammy's farm. Emily-Rose learns to try new things, about pushing her boundaries, and finding her limits. And through it all it’s about the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter, and the bonding experience they had that day on the farm.

Reviewed by David Wilson, author of Luna Raccoon

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