Ocular: The Haunting of Peacock Hill

Title: Ocular: The Haunting of Peacock Hill
Author: Stephen Crockett
Genre: Horror
Format: Kindle

When his father decides to use his inheritance money to buy and renovate a run-down house in Peacock Hill, south-eastern Virginia, fifteen year old Stephen finds it hard enough leaving their home, and everything they had known on Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay to start a new life many miles away. Little does he know that their new home has a secret and its history explains why Peacock Hill, which used to be a thriving place, alive with laughter and families, now stands alone surrounded by acres of farmland.
The family looking around their new home, cannot understand how an old closet could have been missed, but there it is, standing out strangely among its newly painted surroundings.
Stephen, given the job of sorting it out, soon finds himself drawn to a fascinating old mirror whose frame appears to be covered in ancient symbols, unlike anything he has seen before...
It is not long before he discovers that the mysterious mirror is indeed not what it appears, it holds terrible secrets and inside is a gateway to…. Well you will find that out yourself.
With his parents busy, the troubled teenager has only two elderly ‘neighbours’ Gaggey and Grandma to turn to, and their advice to guide him. Luckily, Grandma has her journal, and the couple possess an uncanny memory of the house’s past. However, will the pictures he has found, and their shared knowledge be enough to save the family?
If you are looking for a good scary story, containing all the ingredients a horror fan could wish for, then I cannot recommend this book enough. Demons, poltergeist, possession and ghosts are all there, liberally sprinkled with tortured cries and screams and brilliantly brought to life by the author’s vivid imagination and wonderfully descriptive writing.
Reviewed by Susan Keefe


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