Roly-Poly Monster

Title: Roly-Poly Monster
Author: Charity Tober
Genre: Children's
Pages: 36
Formats: Paperback and Kindle
Publisher: Charity Tober; 1 edition
ISBN: 978-0989933001

Roly Poly Monster got out of bed one day and started rolling, and rolling, and rolling. He rolls through the house, down the sidewalk, through the park, and on and on, seeing the sights on the way. Finally, after rolling around all over the neighborhood, Roly Poly rolls back to his house, grabs food as he rolls past the table, rolling to the bathtub and then into bed. And that is how Roly Poly’s day goes. But this is just a little bit about his day. You need to read the book to find all of the places this little monster went, and find out what an exciting time he had as he rolled around. You don’t want to miss out on his day.

This is the cutest little monster. He’s bright red with an adorable face, and he is just so cute rolling around. But that’s not all, Roly Poly’s family is round too, and you get to meet all of them. Roly Poly Monster shows that there are good monsters in the book world to read about. This story is short, with just a sentence or two on each page, making it easy to read to small children. And the illustrations created by Andrew Tober are just so adorable that I would love to give the characters a big hug. The colors and illustrations go along with the story perfectly and any young child will be thrilled to have a copy of this precious book written by Charity Tober.

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

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