The Struggle is Real: Confessions of a Single Mother

Title:    The Struggle is Real: Confessions of a Single Mother   
Author:   Farrah Hodgson  
Publisher:  Thompson & Co. Publishing, 2016 
ISBN:   978-0-9951791-1-0  
Format:  Paperback 

Confessions of a single mother is a compilation of 14 women sharing their authentic testimonies of their struggles of being single mothers. For some of the women this is still their current situation and some are now married and have been divinely delivered from the aforementioned.

As mothers coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and different ages this book is a handbook for woman all over the world. These women touch on the trials and tribulations that they faced through their day-to-day journey with their children; with the intent to give their readers some coping mechanisms they can use to help them overcome some of their hardships.

We sincerely want all women to know that they can rise above any adversaries by unlocking their full potential in the process, and to know their self-worth because greatness is already in them! These heartfelt stories are not sugar coated as their children would like, but rather raw not being the authors' preference of meat otherwise being their motto “The Struggle is Real."

If you know where you are going but lack the courage, confidence or faith to get there, then this book is for you! If you are a single mother, struggling to get by day-to-day, or stuck in a relationship without commitment, then this book is for you!

No matter your situation this book will uplift and help you improve and elevate your life and mindset.



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