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Dannye Williamsen

I am a woman who loves to write and to teach methods for personal growth. Through my management background I was fortunate to be in a position of working with others to change their lives as well as impact the tasks at hand through their personal growth. I often find myself on the listening end of others' problems. It's always been this way, and perhaps this is what sparked my desire to help others. I only know that over the years, the process has changed my life because it continually forced me to look inside myself as I strove to empathize with others. 

My psychology degree convinced me that change is more personal than it is necessarily viewed by academia. Change is constant, but the nature of that change is a matter of choice. However, as one's understanding grows, those choices become clearer and more psychologically penetrating. Understanding requires information and applied experiences. 

My goal as a counselor and writer has always been to assist others in gathering information they can use to appreciate who they really are, to give them the courage to apply what they learn to their day-to-day experiences, and finally, to just experience the joy of change. 

My professional background in management in such diverse fields as commodity trading, the cable television industry and land development has earned me inclusion in Marquis' Chronicles of Human Achievement since 2002: Who's Who in America®, Who's Who of American Women®, and Who's Who in the World®. 


The Interview

Would you say writing chose you or you chose to write? 

DW: I always had the urge to write. I didn’t pursue it as a career when I was young because it was not considered to be a legitimate, or shall we say, practical way of making a living in the 1960s. For years I wrote poetry, using the term loosely, to express strong emotions about aspects 

of my life. When I became a technical analyst for Financial Instruments on the Chicago Board of Trade, I began teaching a class on the subject. I found myself quite naturally compiling it into book form. I never tried to publish it, though. Later, when I discovered a new way of looking at my place in the universe and my spiritual life shifted, writing seemed to push its way to the forefront. 

Why did you write It’s Your Move! Transform Your Dreams From Wishful Thinking to Reality

DW: It’s Your Move! grew out the years my husband and I spent studying and teaching spiritual philosophy. My husband is an ordained Unity minister, while I am a licensed minister. Every day my husband and I talked about the work of change. Our lives revolved around the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, as Pierre Teilhard said, not human beings having a spiritual experience. Because of the people who were full of questions everywhere we went, we sat down one day and decided that we needed to write a book about the game of life and how we can use the universal principles to change our worlds. After compiling our ideas, I wrote the manuscript and my husband was the voice talent. 

What are some of the things someone is guaranteed to get from listening to your CD/audio book? 

DW: When listening to the audio book, which I would add is not designed to be heard just one time through, a person will first learn about the Creative Process. The Creative Process is the esoteric engine that moves your dreams forward. It is a process through which we manifest our life experiences, and we are always using it, either consciously or by default. This method is spiritually based and allows you to work effectively with your inner psychology. In the audio book, we describe the process and share the twelve attributes that contribute to the level of your success with the steps of the creative process. The more you hone your skills with these attributes, the greater the harmony in your life. Because we place tremendous emphasis on applying this knowledge in your life, we also discuss pitfalls you may encounter in your efforts to change and offer strategies for dealing with these obstacles, which are expressing from your inner psychology. There is much talk today about the universal Law of Attraction, but it is your use of the steps of the Creative Process that will determine the quality of your manifestations through the Law of Attraction. 

You’ve won the Bronze Award in ForeWord Magazine’s 2004 Book of the Year Awards. What was that experience like? 

DW: It was incredibly rewarding, especially considering the learning curve that accompanied producing a 5-CD audio book. We had spent $7000 trying to work with two studios whose primary work was music. Spoken word is more difficult because of the idiosyncrasies of individual voices. Frustrated, I bought the hardware and the software to do it myself. My guidance told me that it wasn’t impossible; it just wasn’t their cup of tea. Turns out, I returned 

the hardware because we had an old Gateway computer that recorded without any equipment noise when using a condenser microphone. I won’t say it was easy editing spoken word because it wasn’t. Still, it was a successful venture. Winning this award and having one of those early reviewers make a special note about the “flawless CD production values” made all the work we did worth it. 

When working on a book project, do you follow a certain regimen? 

DW: With nonfiction, I believe it is essential to outline your thoughts first because you are selling an idea or explaining an occurrence. There must be a logical flow to the information. 

With fiction, many follow the same procedure as with nonfiction. I, however, don’t seem to be able to do this with fiction. I start out with a germ of an idea, and it grows on its own as I write. 

You have written seven books. What advice would you give to someone who needs direction in 

how to write a book? 

DW: First, I would make sure that the topic or the story has passion behind it. Just writing in the hope of making money from it is more what Internet marketers do, but it isn’t what a writer does. 

Second, I would decide if writing this book is a career path. If it is, then you should probably learn a few things about the marketing business before you get started. Most of us didn’t do this. We just started writing. Unfortunately, it’s like having the cart before the horse if this is going to be your career. You should create a vision for your business (your career as a writer) before you begin producing products so that you can make sure you establish the proper foundation to support your books, etc. 

Third, don’t follow the advice of every Tom, Dick, and Harry you meet on Facebook or other social networking sites. Just because an approach worked for someone else doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you! You are unique! Your background, your relationships, your education and your experiences all contribute to a wonderfully unique YOU. They influence your thinking and the way you approach the systems that are supposed to make you successful. So gather information but make your own decisions. 

Fourth, never let your past experiences dictate your future. Rejection is a big part of this business, especially since the market is now wide open, and thousands of people are scurrying to write the proverbial “book within them.” If you write from your heart and hold on to the idea that you are unique while striving for excellence in what you do, there will never be anything out there like your book. 

Book link: http://www.williamsenpublications.com/order-products.html

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