Dr. Antoinette Smith, PhD, CPA

Author, digital animator, fantasy writer

Dr. Smith has helped a number of individuals and corporations win national awards. From day one, she has always lived with a purpose and a desire to help others succeed. Dr. Smith helps others step outside their comfort zone, rise to new levels in life and persevere through the challenges. She is the recipient of several degrees, awards, scholarships and grants but never has she been so proud as getting to a place in life where she took control over her ability to have both wifely characteristics and a successful career.

In her memoir, You Are More Than What Meets The Eye...The Independent Woman's Guide to Becoming Wifely Material, Dr. Smith shares her personal roadmap and allows readers to use her roadmap while also exploring their own roadmap. 

The Interview

How does it feelto publish yourfirst book?  

AS:  The most rewarding aspect was seeing how those in my network were excited about what I had to say. They believed in me. For me it was not about publishing my first book, but revealing my secrets of success in both marriage and career to other women. Releasing the book allowed me to release the secret combination to helping the career-focused woman find success in both her personal and professional life. 

What inspired you to write You Are More Than What Meets the Eye: The Independent Woman’s Guide to Becoming Wifely Material? 

 AS:  I wanted a new challenge for myself. I had everything but someone that I thought could be a great leader in my life as well as help me grow and balance my strengths and weaknesses. Full of confidence, I challenged myself to be prepared to receive such a man. Unbeknownst to me, the transition required me to take an intrinsic look at myself. As I went through the process, I realized that the secret to transitioning and having both were not printed in any material available to the public. Thus, I was inspired to inform those women who are ready to know. 

What do you hope readers will gain from this transparent memoir, as you call it? 

AS: I hope women, families and men will gain a life of love and growth. I want a world of happy homes. I speak specifically to women because I am woman and I believe we hold the key to empower others and ourselves. However, we cannot empower and show others until we take a deep intrinsic look at ourselves. I want women to ignore negative conceptions about men and marriage and then conceive, believe and receive. 

What has the reaction been like to this book?   

AS: The reaction overall has been extremely positive, particularly from those who have read the book. Thus, I am proud to make a difference in families. While I wish the book would fall into the hands of women, the book is not for every woman. I wish I could reach those women who oppose the term “wifely material” or simply do not understand the concept of success and the benefits of wifely characteristics regardless of having a man. Nevertheless, the book is for both married and unmarried women who are ready to move forward and know that growth is needed 

in this area. No one has anything to lose by simply purchasing a book under $15. If I had enough funds, I would simply donate to every family. 

What has been the most exciting part of your publishing experience? 

AS:  Those such as yourself who are willing to reach out to me and help promote my book. I have never received success on my own. I help others and I get help for my own personal challenges. Writing a memoir was rewarding but the hands that were extended and continue to extend toward me bring me an overwhelming joy and makes the process exciting.  

Do you have any advice for first-time authors? 

AS: I learned from other authors. Thus, I would say seek others for advice. I am a firm believer that you should not try to unnecessarily reinvent the wheel. Additionally, continue to tap into resources such as hiring a professional in all areas of the book such as a book designer, a copy editor, proofreaders and more proofreaders. Finally, keep a humble spirit and remain thankful. 


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