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Tommy Davey spent his youth writing mystery stories and plays, and watching reruns of "Three's Company" until every line of dialogue was permanently burned into his memory.

When not writing, he enjoys traveling to favourite destinations including New York City and Paris, which he plans to feature in future stories.

He lives in Toronto, where he was born and raised, with a Norfolk Terrier named Calvin. Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar is his first novel.


The Interview

What inspired you to write mystery children/young adult books? 

TD: I had recently rediscovered the middle grade/young adult genre and was spending the large majority of my reading time discovering some wonderful new series. When I started to formulate Cora, I knew it would be a great series for a younger audience. 

I like the name Cora Flash, how did you come up with such a name? 

TD: The name Cora actually came quite quickly, but I am not sure how, it was always Cora in my head and there was no struggle to come up with it. There was a struggle, however, to come up with the last name. I bounced around for a while trying on different names but when I thought of Flash, I knew it would be perfect. 

Who is Cora Flash? 

TD: Cora Flash is a very smart and inquisitive eleven-year-old girl who has a knack for stumbling upon mysteries wherever she goes. She is not afraid to speak to adults on their level and demands to be taken seriously! 

What was the response like to Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar

TD: The reaction has been very positive. I have had nice messages and reviews from both children in the nine-to-twelve category, as well as adults who grew up reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. It's nice to find an audience who can enjoy my books as much (if not more!) than their children. 

Describe your publishing experience? 

TD: My experience has been remarkably smooth. The Amazon KDP system is very well put-together, and I was amazed at how quickly you can put a book out to market. I remember when I loaded up the first book I pressed 'publish,' went out to a friend's house for dinner and by the time I came back, not only was the book live for purchase, I had made my first sale! 

What’s next for you? 

TD: Next is to start running with the third book in the series. I just published book two and I set the goal for myself to have three books out before Christmas. I know the days between Christmas and New Year's are the highest volume sale days, so I want to get in there with as much product as I can to capture all the minds of the young readers who get a e-reader for Christmas. 

When you are not writing, what are some of the things you take pleasure in doing? 

TD: I love reading, so I spend a lot of time doing that. And with the weather so gorgeous right now, I am trying to spend as much time outdoors as I can. Often this means jumping on my bike and riding to a park and—you guessed it—reading! 

Any words of wisdom you would like to share to young writers? 

TD: Whenever I am asked this question, my answer seems so simple but I cannot help but repeat it each time. Write! It is so easy to be distracted with social media and surfing the web, but we are losing hundreds of hours of our lives this way. I try to set a schedule a few days a week, even if it's only for a few hours, where I do nothing but write. I find it makes me terrifically productive, and I managed to write the second book in my series, Cora Flash and the Mystery of the Haunted Hotel, using time that I otherwise would have been camped out in front of the television. 

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