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Virginia McKevitt was born in Long Beach, California, but lived most of her life in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

She has been many things in life; a wife, a mother, a salesperson, owned her landscaping business and raised horses; but her love of writing never waivered. Hurricane Katrina, a curse to many, changed her life. The business gone and family scattered, she moved to Alabama, then to the mountains of Georgia. 

Life urged her on, so when she found the first chapters of a manuscript she had started while still in New Orleans, she sat down at the keyboard and never looked back. Her vivid imagination and love for fantasy has culminated into a story she hopes will captivate the heart of anyone who loves a good journey. 

Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga is a fast paced, character driven, paranormal fantasy, written for the adventurer in us all. 

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How is Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga similar to the Middle Ages and how is it similar to modern day in the US? 

VM: Fracture is a story set in two worlds. In one world, the inhabitants live similar lives to the people of the Middle Ages. They are ruled by a king. The Guardians are the equivalent of the knights of that era. There is no electricity or modern day conveniences, but there is magic. Magic is subtle and only a part of the story, not the controlling factor in it. 

The answer to the second part of your question is that the second world is set in present day America. This world is like night and day to the first world; there are no similarities at all. You will see that through the eyes of our leading character, Tegrin. 

Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga is about good and evil. What sets this novel apart from any other story written about the battle between good and bad? 

VM: That’s a good question. Tegrin, the character from the other world, looks at good and evil in black and white. It is his duty as a Guardian to make sure no one breaks the law. He is a killer. That is what he was born to be. Kristina, on the other hand, is full of hate and revenge. The murder of her parents awakens something primal in her being but, unlike Tegrin who considers it a day on the job, Kristina wrestles with her soul. 

Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga, is far more complex than just a battle between good and evil, or between enemies. Each of these characters, good or bad, is in conflict with their own inner demons, as well as the external forces that could destroy them all. I quote, "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ 

Based on the two worlds mentioned above, were they the influences to the birth of Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga? 

VM: Yes. Fracture was always based on the idea of two worlds. My little mantra, "Two worlds, two warriors, one destiny," may be the shortest blurb in history, lol, but it stirs the imagination. 

Kristina is one of the main characters in this novel. How did you come up with ideas for Kristina? 

VM: Kristina is the strong-willed counterpart to my male protagonist in this work. I wanted her to be a person who always felt different from everyone else. Someone who felt she didn’t quite 

fit in but didn’t know why, until her world is shattered. That is the moment in her life when she discovers what she is made of. That is when Tegrin walks into her life. 

Tegrin is also a main character in this book. How did you come up with ideas for him? 

VM: What would a fantasy be without a muscle-bound assassin whose heart of stone is changed by a beautiful woman? Tegrin walked out of my head and onto the pages on his own. He tells me what he is going to do. I just write it down. 

How does Kristina and Tegrin’s path in life shape their future? 

VM: Tegrin is the king’s assassin. He is sent to our world on a mission; return the fleeing Couton, a clan of women who kill us for our memories. When they kill Kristina’s parents, the Couton set off a chain of events that bring Kristina and Tegrin together. That moment is the pivotal point that changes their lives forever. 

Your novel is also about finding one’s destiny. Do you believe in fate? 

VM: I most definitely believe in fate. There is a greater hand in every step we take, in every thought and breath. That hand has written my life from beginning to end, and I will rest when that pen is laid to rest. 

What’s next for you? 

VM: Book two, The Hunted, is available as we speak, and book three, Secrets, will be available late spring or early summer. Book four (untitled) should be out by Christmas. I also am writing a vampire novel called titled Blood and Roses, but my world doesn’t stop there. Keep an eye out for the release of several new stories in 2014.


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  • Marsha Thalleen

    Marsha Thalleen

    15 May 2013 at 13:13 |
    What a great interview. I love reading about how one of my favorite novels came to life. Fracture is phenominal. Thank you for featuring it her. You have a new follower.
  • Pennie Thompson

    Pennie Thompson

    15 May 2013 at 13:17 |
    I have read "Fracture" and "The Hunted". They are both very good reads and I am very excited to read the next book. I have known Virginia for a very short time, but love her dearly. I pray for the very best for her. Thank you.
  • Darlene


    15 May 2013 at 13:19 |
    GREAT interview! And such an awesome site!! Love it!

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